Tech That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Save money, and the environment when you buy a refurbished laptop or desktop PC from Stone Refurb.

With 30 years of experience, and over 4000 customer reviews, we are committed to protecting our planet and passionate about giving laptops and tech a new lease of life!

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Advantages of Buying Refurbished

Whether you need to replace your existing laptop or desktop or you are making your first big purchase to get online, there is no denying that the latest computers come with a hefty price tag that can sometimes be hard to justify.

A refurbished laptop is the perfect way of getting the performance you need, at a great price.

The biggest advantage of buying a refurbished device is the huge savings compared to buying a brand-new device. The most cost-effective way to replace an existing device is with a refurbished item, rather than a brand new one.

  • Buying a refurbished device is very eco-friendly. As the devices are recycled products, they don’t get dumped into landfill sites so help reduce environmental damage.
  • With all of our products, you have a 1 Year Warranty period, so if you have any faults within this time, we can repair or replace your item, for free.
  • You also have the option to upgrade your device by adding more RAM or storage, so you can get the spec just right for your needs.

Saving Your Money, and Saving Our Planet

We’re committed to protecting our planet and reducing the impact the IT industry has on the environment.

When buying refurbished, the environmental benefits are immense. On average a refurbished laptop will prevent a massive 2kg of e-waste from going to landfill, not to mention the hundreds of kilograms of CO2 that can be saved through more people choosing refurbished devices.

That’s why we’re so passionate about giving laptops and tech a new lease of life at our IT recycling plant here in the UK – it saves you money and saves the planet at the same time – a win-win!

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