What's Included With Your Computer ?

Here at Stone Refurb, one of our most asked questions is “What comes with my new computer?”. So, let’s explain…


Comes With

Your refurbished desktop or laptop will come with:

In addition to going through a careful refurbishment process our devices come with the following:

  • All our refurbished desktop computers and laptops come ready to run with a power cable, allowing you to switch on and set up your machine straight away.
  • We pre-install Windows 10 to every refurbished machine we sell (unless you decide to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro). To ensure you’re getting a genuine copy of Windows 10, the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) code will be installed into the operating system image we put on the device. This is called a digital COA. All you need to do is register and agree to the End User License Agreement. You can read Windows Activation for more information.
  • If you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, you may get a digital COA which can be activated in the same way as the Windows 10 Home one above, or you may get a device with a COA sticker, which will be attached to the bottom of your device. All you need to do is lightly scratch off the silver panel to reveal the full activation code.
  • We also add a recovery partition so that if your device should ever start to run slow, you are able to restore the machine back to how it left the Stone Refurb facility.
  • Your device will be securely packaged and sent by our trusted delivery partner to ensure it arrives with you safely.

You also have the option to add:

When selecting a desktop or laptop, you will notice our options panel to the right of every device page. Here, you can select any upgrades you wish to make to your device.

  • From Hard Drive upgrades, to additional RAM, you get to choose how advanced you wish your machine to be. Read more about upgrade options.
  • Video cables do not come with your device, as there are numerous types of cable available depending on the monitor you own.
  • Microsoft Office - we offer a few different options here, so please select the version you need.
  • Keyboard and Mouse - We do not include or sell refurbished keyboards and mice for hygiene reasons, but you have the option to add a new one in the upgrades panel.
  • Bundle offers - If you are you looking for a complete office set-up, we also offer refurbished desktop and laptop bundles at a discounted rate so if you’re looking for a great value for money set-up, check out our refurbished bundles.
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